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Awesome movie based on a real life story of neerja bhanot a brave girl who sacrificed her life to fight against the hijackers and saved all her passanger .

Love story is little good. but late understanding whats happening. Overall the movie was good. Katrina Kaif Acting was good as well as Aditya Acting is Also fine.

Great music awesome locations and amazing chemistry between Pulkit and Yami make it a perfect movie to watch on Valentine day. Go and experience the journey of love.

Ghayal Once Again is an awesome movie. A must watch for all. Go and see the action pack drama. Great Action and awesome performance by all Griping story.

An inspiring flick about women by a woman for women and the never ending spirit of a true sportsman.

Its not cool at all you can watch it if you enjoy vulgar comedy which is not funny at all.

The film is a tribute to the unsung heroes of the Gulf war evacuation is very well shot and appreciate the effort of film makers to show case such an important part of our history.

It is educational movie new way of learning well written or well picturized The movie has a good story line. The plot and script is good.

movie is very has good story line Amitabh and farhan akhtar done very outstanding work.not to much heavy content but very effective work

it is effortless entertainer for those who go without any expectations from it.if go with flow u will enjoy but highly predictable storyline.

Good combination of drama and thriller script was outstanding some bold senses is there but story is up to the mark performance by each characters are up to the mark.

movie has multiple stories that little bit confusing.this is flim is made by 11 directors but all ideas did not work that much on box office

the story is based on the true murder case the picturization of the movie is very nicely done naseeruddin shah see in lead role that is high rank police officer script was outstanding

Movie is very comedy kunal khemu did fantastic comic timing if people really like to watch adult comedy movie so this movie will definitely entertain them and songs are really good in this movie

Movie was very comedy and very romantic 1st half was very enjoyable but in second half story goes to opposite direction plot was not maintain but still people will enjoy

Movie has very different story very unique concept script was good and may be quite effective anushka ranjan debut flim and she did fine job as well as diganth good direction and songs are good

it was the sequal of pyarr ka punchnama very comedy as well as very romantic but story was not change same situation was repeated by director movie doesnt give that much effect on boxoffice

movie was very thriller script was very different concept was totally unique Miss Bachchan performance was very outstanding clearly its a come back movie for Miss Bachchan

movie has very suspense with lots of drama good direction by Meghna Gulzar this movie is real life story not much heavy concept but very effective star cast gives justice to that roll

Movie is all about the life of five girls that they want to become famous how they get first break and how they see the reality of movies that is all about lots of drama

Movie very comedy kapil sharma done very great job but story is very off the track actress also done nice job but kapil takes the center stage and save the movie

Katti Batti is a pointless, boring same old story though the actors have put in effort you could easily skip this one.

Remake of a hit story but the young actors could do more justice their role and it is no where close to the original classic.

Film is funny in part but silly and drags in many parts overall you can skip this one.

Film is funny in part but silly and drags in many parts overall you can skip this one.

Movie was totally cool very thriller or mystery performance by ajay devgn and tabu was outstanding concept was truely awesome most watchable movie plot was very high story was very powerfull

movie has small type of awareness script was not that much effective story execution was not proper not that much star crew not effective

Movie is first carbon natural movie but the story is not much effective plot was not good story tells about the different classes of people how they live and there problems movie could be better

Action kind of movie very strong star cast awesome graphics lots of star cast in movie fighting was good to watch but feel some kind of city part are animated but very energetic movie

Movie is very comedy sunny deol performance is very dashing as well as his look good direction story is very funny and up to date kangana performance is also very nice enjoy to watch

guddu rangeela movie have lots of drama music of this movie is average story lost the track comedy is good plot was not correct movie dont have new element like meaningless

guddu rangeela movie have lots of drama music of this movie is average story lost the track comedy is good plot was not correct movie dont have new element like meaningless

its a newcomer movie they give there best performance but story is not that much effective punjabi music and dance is good movie is comedy but comedy level is low good attempt by smeep kang

story is about five guys how they solve there problem and what type of awareness they generate that is watchable story has lots of cast crew but they dont put much effect on boxoffice

Movie has comedy elements and great punches but its a height of indian law some point of time movie lost the track cast crew has give there perfromance but story is week direction was poor

movie is about love or romance and sacrifice cast crew did very nice job story was good nicely direction by jashwant gangani songs are good

As a name says 2 indian men accidentally land to karachi and how they services to get back to india that story is enjoyable both actors done great comedy and greate work

old story with new massala.plot was good.story track is little of the track. script as well as story not impress the public

movie is about family values and love.story flow was good script was nice actors are complectly involve in this movie

movie tells about modern position of politics storyline is very weak film lost the track after half of the film. story goes to comdey direction than lost it poor direction

its is sequel of tanu weds manu story is different that is why more people are wanted to watch story plot and title track song is good Kangana Ranaut did fabulous job in this movie

its is sequel of tanu weds manu story is different that is why more people are wanted to watch story plot and title track song is good Kangana Ranaut did fabulous job in this movie

Kuch kuch locha hai movie unusual comedy movie but it fails the audience. story is very confuse as well as very poor direction screenplay not proper see if you are Sunny Leone fan

There is nothing new but it is entertaining in parts,appreciate someone trying to do something different but would give it a miss

yet another Indo Pak love story which fails to impress the audience

Even the Films talented Star Cast succeeds in saving this film.

over exaggerated film may make you feel like a fool for watching this one.

yet another Indo Pak love story which fails to impress the audience

Margarita With A Straw is a film with lot of heart and a powerful performance from Kalki, the film will soak you in but you may end up feeling that Laila deserved better!

NH-8 road to nidhivan is original story but lacks creativity and very poor execution tou could miss this one!

Film tries to accommodate a lot but fails in doing that and what could have been a livewire film turns out to be some what lack lustre.

The movie delves into a dull phase. The movie story and the script have not been written well. The direction of the movie has a slow pace. An average performance by the lead actors.

The movie might have been been different but falls apart as the movie further enhances. Movie lacks a good script and a good direction. The picturisation is average. Overall a below average movie.

The movie has a good humour. The adult dialogues and picturisation will make the audience enjoy the moments of the film. The performance of the lead actors is appreciable. A classic of adult comedy.

The plot and the concept of the movie has been well scripted. The movie characters have given a decent performance. The movie has a gripping picturisation as it will make you emotional and teary eyed.

The movie name is typical cliche. The script and the story line is weak and the performance of the characters is average. The movie has the entertaining part but lacks the subtle masala.

The movie is based on deep religious philosophy. The movie direction and the story are truly apt. The movie characters have given a commendable performance. A perfect example of an off beat cinema.

NH10 isn't an easy film to watch, but the thriller will suck you into its story. One of Anushka Sharma's best performances. Surely a gripping experience but the script could have been better.

The movie direction is decent, the acting by the lead actors is average. The story is predictable which makes it difficult to hold the movie together and interesting.

The movie has a good story and has been well directed. The movie has good songs. The lead actors have performed well. The movie is a good entertainer but has nothing exceptional to offer.

The movie is a result of a poor direction. The acting is not up to the mark.The content and the picturisation is very poor.The movie lacks to gain the attention of the audience. Needs a ton of editing

The movie entirely fails to impress the audience. The movie has been shot with shady cameras, the direction quality and the script are not up to the mark. The camera work and the picturisation is sad.

The movie has a good story, the acting of debutant Bhumi Pednekar is impressive. The picturisation and the screen play are apt making it an old classic. The movie has the humor quality. A good watch.

The movie has something new to offer. The movie is motivational with a good direction, story and screenplay. The picturisation and the lead actors have done a great work. A great movie to watch.

The movie is an apt thriller. The movie has a good story and a gripping thriller section. The movie has been well picturised. The script and the picturisation have been above par. A good watch.

The movie has a good story, the locations of the shoot have been chosen wisely. The movie will give you the required spooky moments but fails to implement them in a proper manner. A good suspense.

The movie has a strong story plot, but the direction struggles to make the best out of it. It has nothing new or interesting.The funny moments have been done halfway through. Overall an average movie.

guddu rangeela movie have lots of drama music of this movie is average story lost the track comedy is good plot was not correct movie dont have new element like meaningless

Movie is awesome totally power packstory was turely great salman khan performance is as usual entertaining movie have great plot concept of story is different that people like the most simply terrific

The movie is a good watch. Akshay Kumar has done a great work. The direction, story line and the script have the perfect simulation. A good picturisation of the locations shot. A definite watch movie.

Movie liberate relationship of father and daughter very emotional as well as fun movie. star cast give very tight performance so that movie gives very different effect on public when they watch movie

guddu rangeela movie have lots of drama music of this movie is average story lost the track comedy is good plot was not correct movie dont have new element like meaningless

Movie is great both star Katrina and saif done fabulous job script was good song was very nice peoples defiantly likes it good direction

Movie was remake of English movie Warrior story was total same but cast crew was very strong execution was good and performance by stars was nice that is why movie makes good collection in boxoffice

The movie is hilarious, Sonam Kapoor and other actors have performed well. The movie has a good story but loses directional focus.The movie is a good watch as a female driven comedy central.

Bombay velvet movie has not give that much effect on Boxoffice.script was totally unproper story flow was poor songs are good but Rk fans are very disappointed with his performance

GABBAR IS BACK is an average entertainment which can benefit from the long weekend. Akshay Kumar Fans are going to Enjoy it!

Singh is bling movie is has entertaining Storyline we will call that movie as Singh is king 2 music are very nice or Akshay Kumar performance was very awesome nice direction by Prabhu dheva

The movie has a good plot, but has been stretched more than required. Though the movie has a comprehensive approach for a film. The script and the actors have done well.An average biopic movie.

It is slow movie with great star cast. Some good performances by Anil Kapoor, Shefali, Anushka and Priyanka. Some entertaining acts on cruise.

It has an interesting plot and needs patience to watch it one but you will enjoy the film irrespective if you knew detective byomkesh bakshy or not.

see your favorite star in double role Actors have done justice to their role but weak script and average music makes it quite boring at times.1 1/2 star for Salman Khan

The movie has a great and a new concept. The picturisation, screenplay and the dialogues have been perfectly written and performed. The direction has been detailed and point specific. A must watch.

very emotional and touching love story it is real life love story of mahesh bhatts parents and his stepmother songs are very nice star cast performance was good but story lost after some time

Weak script mediocore execution only sunny leone fan will be able to watch this one.

movie has an interesting story and Sanjay Leela Bhansali has been successful in executing it on screen in a convincing way ranveer singh deepika and priyank played lead role energetic historical flim

The movie has the apt amount of bollywood masala required. Though the movie has a slow screenplay and story.The movie direction has been good enough to entertain the audience. Overall a decent watch.

Movie is all about dancing story was great nicely execution by dancing start cast great direction good 3d effect songs are very good thats why people like to watch this movie

The movie has a good story. The direction of debutant Amit Ravindernath Sharma gives the impression of an experienced one. A balanced role of the lead actors.The movie is prerogative watch for AK.

story is all about hindu and muslim peace but totally comdey script was different or out of the box concept and nice direction but not to much heavy content fun loving movie

Very long and very slow story it is not the imtiaz ali best movie but better than rockstar both the actor ranbir and deepika done fabulous job but movie doesnt have that much highlighting concept.

The movie has a good story, its a complete performance driven film. The screenplay has been intelligently layered.The movie has a strong hold of the script, direction making it an interesting one.

This is a story where whole family is on the run, being chased by a silly persons plot was not that much heavy so that cast crew take care of the story Story was totally different and songs are good

The movie is fairly watchable.The movie shows something new to the audience.The acting of the lead actors is above par. the direction lacks and the intimate scenes have been adjusted just for traction

Common story boring dialogues invisible hero you could skip this one

The movie is the Indian version of Jurassic park. They actors have done really well, the efforts are clearly visible, but the director has not been able to pull it off in a stretch. Good to go.

The movie is a pure example of intellect.The director has made a master piece.The movie has the script, screenplay and a perfect plot. The suspense is just wow.A definite watch.

The movie has a vigilante concept. Which makes it different.The story has the traction and the liquidity for a proper flow of the movie. The characters have played a good role.An enjoyable watch.

The movie is sort of vague, it loses out on the main content. keeping the movie narrow one. The concept is good but the director fails to portray the same in the movie. The characters adapted are weak

The movie is a normal thriller. the story, direction and the script do not have much to offer. The movie is a result of poor direction and an uninteresting script. Overall a below average movie.

The movie is a sequel to the first part Singham but has not been able to match at any levels of the first part.The movie offers an overboard experience of action making it a loud movie.

This movie has an out of the box concept and excelled in every way.The movie is absolutely breath taking, the focus from the movie was not lost even for a second. One of the greatest bollywood movie.

The movie focuses on how life is after marriage. Farhan and Vidya both have justified their roles.They have the chemistry, the movie gives you the subtle laughs.Directors work could have been better.

The movie is phenomenal, Aliya Bhatt and Randeep Hooda have done a marvellous job. The movie has a dark script which is the key of this movie. The direction and the picturisation have been perfect.

The movie has a noble and a great story, the concept has been beautifully imbibed. Salman has done a great work.The action sequences are a bid to watch.You will definitely love this one.

The movie has a good story but lacks the enthusiasm. It has been stretched more than required. Only Abhay Deol has been able to justify his role. The movie has its funny moments, its a one time watch.

The movie has good concept.It is definitely a watch for the Indian audience.Mr.Bachchan has undoubtedly played a great role. The director and the script both have focused on quality over quantity.

The movie has the flow, a good concept and a different story line. Kangna has done a great work she has pulled off the role with a great zeal. The director has put in extra efforts.A definite watch.

The movie has a good story, Varun Dhawan has played a good role. The movie has the humour but defies logic.This movie is a pure light-hearted one . You may have a good time to watch this movie.

The movie is different from just a rom-com one.The movie has the punch somehow. The music is impressive. The direction has lacked in places as the movie loses focus from the story line.

The movie has a good story, but the actors did not posses the potential to portray the roles as expected. The directors work is average, it has good music.Overall a below average movie.

The movie has worked on an old plot making it a non-interesting one. Ayyushmaan has acted well, the directors have not been able to do something new with the movie. A one time watch would suffice.

The movie has a good story line but not a great one.The picturisation and the effects were good.The actors have performed really well.The movie could have been a lot better with a little editing.

The director has tried a novelistic approach towards the movie and the nostalgia has been created. The direction, script are good but the actors have not been able to pull their role completely.

The movie has a good script but the director has not been able to utilize it. The movie lacks the picturisation. The actors have not been able to pull off the role.overall a dull affair.

The movie is less practical. The story, script and the direction lack in the movie.The characters have not given a decent show, overacting in the movie has been presumptuous. A below average movie.

The movie has a good plot, its the continuation of the first prequel.Sunny has been able to spice up the screen with her mere presence.The horror quotient was missing.Other actors have performed good.

The movie has a refreshing story line.The actors have not been able to carry the movie with the required energy.The direction is average.The movie can be watched once for its new content.

The movie beautifully portrays the different cultural mentality and problems faced by couples trying to marry inter caste. Importance of families getting along than just the couple and Finally a happy

The movie has a new concept, the direction and the screen play are decent.The background score is appreciable.Performances of characters are decent over all the movie is an above average one.

The movie is able to scare a little bit gaining some traction. The supporting casts have performed well.The spooky content of the movie is not that impressive.The lead characters have done well.

The intention was good to make a family comedy with a cross-border message but the actors could have been utilize better and found the story telling weak this one would leave you disappointed

The movie has a good plot, concept and visual effects. The direction is just about average and the performance of characters is normal.The movie picturisation could have been better.

Typical Bollywood Style Super Hero Soldier who will think and act before his enemies but they have tried to give a good message in the film and also paid tribute to our Indian Army.

Story can be predicated easily with no problems. I would not categorize the movie as horror. Good performers and costumes.

If you are expecting something new in the second part of Singham, then you will be totally disappointed. The movie does not offer a good story.Its an overdose of action.Overall an average movie.

A comman and predictable story where except the outstanding performance of the 2 male leads nothing really stands out. Only their performance earns ratings for this movie.

The movie lacks a direction, good story and a script.The movie has tried copying moments from DDLJ but has not been able to portray it in a proper way. The movie has been made just to attract youth.

This film is about the unfortunate socio-political climate that prevails in our country and also gives us hope and lessons in humanity which we all need at this particular time.

The movie is a clear one time watch.Surely this is not Kangnas one of the best performance.The director has not been able to bring out the story in a proper way. The music is also average.

The movie is a total refreshment, Shahid has done a good job, the story and direction have been handled with care. The movie is a courageous one. The movie is surely a definite watch.

The movie has a weak story line, has also tried to demean a respectable countrys national flag.The characters in it have not been able to put up a good show.The direction and the energy both lacked.

The story of the movie is just usual but Vir Das has improvised his role.The direction and the screenplay both have been up to the mark.The movie can be definitely watched.

The movie has been made with precision.The picturisation is more of like a documentary based movie.Has good plot, good direction and great efforts by the actors.Definitely worth watching.

The movie direction does not create any impact.The movie fails to get the lead pair to act. Has concentrated more on portraying the cool quotient. The script and the story are neither splendid.

if you wish to take a visual tour of the Rann of Kutch then you can watch this movie other than that nothing falls in place for the movie

The movie has a good plot, the picturisaion and the performance of characters has been exceptional.The movie is is a must if you are an Indian. a great watch.

Bhai Kick is full of thrill action and romance. Nawazuddin’s performance and Jacqueline’s chemistry are commendable. Film gives good message to the viewers but still could have been better.

This is a movie, made for bollywood.The story of the movie is very simple but the effect that it leaves is very deep. It has a good plot, good direction and must say a great work of actors.

The movie has a strong script. The direction has been really great.This movie is one of the master pieces of the Indian film industry. One needs to carefully watch it as this movie is not for everyone

The movie has the locations, the characters and the dialect which give it an authentic feel. The direction of the movie is decent. The movie has the subtle laughs but is not an overboard movie.

The movie is a light and breezy one.The direction is ok and Vidya Balans acting has been splendid. The movie is a just for fun watch. The movie dips sometimes but overall a simple and light movie.

It is a underdog versus the system action movie that unfolds over the two hours and twenty minutes. Found it dull but only the Power of Madhuri Dixits performance in the lead role Rajjo and Juhi Chaw

This is an overwhelming one the story, script and the direction have been exceptional. After watching this you might begin to ask questions around you.The performances of all the actors is commendable

From your past experience you dont go into a Sajid Khan film expecting much quality but this one proves to be a new low not only as a film but even as the actor performance. It is a Senseless flick

Himesh the superstar has unlit cigarette in his hand trying to make a style statement it is amazing to see our ability to make and watch bad films!

The movie does not have an appreciable piece of story line and direction. The movie might be a little depressing for some. Overall a below average movie.

The movie has all the action that you need, both the debutants have done a good work.The dialogues are bit cliche but its manageable. The movie has good music.Overall an enjoyable watch.

The movie has a good plot.The grip of the movie was sustained throughout.The director has been able to maintain the suspense of the movie with some loopholes. The movie overall is above average

.The story which revolves around india independence is a bit stretched and has only 4 characters in it although they have given credible performances but you may find it difficult to stay interested

The movie has a fine plot, but the director has not been a stable one.The movie has ruined the script. The performance and the picturisation both are low on energies. The movie is not apt.

The movie has a good story but the director has not been able to portray it with perfection.The screenplay and the role of the characters is not apt making it more difficult to understand.

Despite the praiseworthy performances by the entire cast the film fails to live up to its expectation because of its directionless flow and poor editing. You could avoid it if you can

The plot of the movie is more linear keeping the audience interested and gripped.The movie can be called a cult classic.The direction, screenplay are perfect. Actors have carried their role gracefully

The movie begins well and makes you intrigued with it.The movie direction and the performance of characters is average.The songs sung by Udit narayan are the best part of this movie.

The movie does not have a strong story line neither it has a good script.except Deepak dobriyal Other actors need to recheck on their acting skills.On the whole the movie is dull.

The film is quite dull and very predictive and did not find this horror flick that scary. It has lot of scope for improvement and you could easily miss this one.

The movie has an outdated script. A lot of editing is needed in the movie. The movie is a typical replica of an Indian television saans bahu serial. Overall a below average movie.

The movie has a strong story line.Paoli dam has put in good efforts in carrying the role..The picturisation, cinematography are really impressive but the direction has not been fulfilling.

KOYELAANCHAL found to be engaging in parts and should find its share of audience, it is not a easy film to make but could have done a better job so might leave you disappointed in the end.

The movie has a heart warming feeling, the direction has been narrow and to the the target.The script, screenplay have been done wonderfully. Characters in the movie have performed exceptionally well.

The movie has a poor script, Soha Ali khan has done a good role and has been seen in her first bold avatar, but overall the movie fails to impress the audience. The direction has been handled lightly.

The movie has a good story. The lead roles have performed well. The movie is well picturised with a good cinematographic effects. The movie keeps the story on track.Overall a nice movie.

The movie is absolutely brilliant, Rani Mukerji has done a phenomenal performance.The story and the direction have been handled with care. The movie maintains it story line by keeping it narrow.

The movie is good for starters, has a different concept and encourages women in our country to become entrepreneurs.Making the movie an unconventional one.The music is good.A nice watch.

The movie begins well, but fails to keep the traction and a strong story line. The movie has somewhat imbibed the concept from the hollywood flick predators which has gone horribly wrong.Below average

The movie lacks a good story, the characters have been portrayed in a lousy way. It loses track of the script. The picturisation and the cinematography are weak. Overall the movie is not a good watch.

A good horror film is about good sound and scary locations but this one fails here. You wish there is silence in the film but actors constantly engage chatting which leaves you irritated in the end in

Tamanchey falls way short of the mark it’s screenplay throws up nothing that could justify its existence. So, despite being a less than two hours film, Tamanchey feels like it drags forever.

Movie made with vivid motion capture technology is impressive but the overall story lags in part if you are not a hard core rajni fan you could miss this one.

The movie has a good story line. The plot and script is good.The movie lacked the promotion during the release resulting in its failure but the movie is definitely a good watch.

a mediocre film you will only be able to tolerate if you are Shaan or Mika fan.

The film is called Entertainment but there is no entertainment in this film!

A good and funny movie. Leaving behind the plot go watch this movie for a perfect road trip and location. Senior actors Dimple kapadia, Pankaj kapur and Naseerudin shah are at their best.

The movie is a light movie with no heavy contents which can boggle your mind.The shooting locations are great. The movie is a good watch to have fun and enjoy your time.

The movie has been made just for the sake.The direction and the story both are poor.The actors have not been able to give a considerable contribution to the movie. A below average movie.

The movie has a good plot, the screenplay and the cinematography is excellent, actors have done true justice to their roles.The chemistry is great and the direction has been up to the mark.

Jigariya is a small town forbidden love story but poor direction and slow paced film could not leave mark on the audience.

The movie has not been directed in a proper way, lacks story line and screen play.The actors are amateurs. They have not been able to portray and carry their roles accordingly.

The movie has a very weak story line. The choice of actors for the role is not apt. The movie has not been able to meet the standards of the horror genre. The direction has not been professional

The movie has a lot to offer.The story has a strong content but fails to portray due to lack of direction.The movie is less practical. Needs lot of editing. The movie is not promising.

Below average movie, no concrete story line, music is not appreciable. Even after having actors like Anupam Kher, Annu Kapoor and Piyush Mishra the movie has not been an exceptional one.

The title is misleading! The film is a mix of crime thriller,romance, politics too many things rolled into one. Overall, not many will have the patience to sit through this tale.

Most over hyped film of the year. If you are Aamir khan fan you will be disappointed with the quality of this film. Good twist and good cast but very poor script and movie overall.

The movie is vague and insensible making it a below average movie.The story, the script are not carrying a weight.The actors have done over acting.Overall the movie is a below average one.

Average movie. Except locations there is nothing new in the movie. Actors performance is at their best. Storyline is good but the way it is portrayed is not upto the mark.

The movie has a good start, but lacks an interest quotient in the second half. It focuses on the complications which occur after marriage. The movie has a bizarre story line.Thus not up to the mark.

The movie script is good, has ample direction. The target audience for the movie are the families. The movie has a good plot and screenplay.The actors have done justice to their role.

The movie is a well directed one. There are less of good con thriller movie, Imran Hashmi has done a good job.The movie has the twists and turns a fun movie to watch.

A controversial movie comes across. The plot and story are based on real incidents from the state of Rajasthan. It lacks in gaining the attention of the audience. It has a weak content and direction

Good movie. Perfectly used comic elements. Watch the movie for fun and not for story. Relates more to young audience. Overall decently made.

The movie is neither an interesting one nor a boring one. The movie has its funny moments.The characters in the movie have done well.The plot and the story are good too. Its a good watch.

The excessive preaching in the film gets annoying after a while where there is only talks and no action, the film had potential to do much better but fails to deliver.

Biopic movies are very inspirational but this one has lot of scope for improvement and could turn out to be a much better movie. Salute the Real Mary Kom and Priyanka has done justice to the role. You

Average movie. Only dance choreography, locations are the highlight. There is nothing new that you can look forward to. Plot and story not upto the mark.

Well written, well picturized movie. Perfect plot and story. Correct characters taken. Quality movie. Correct locations taken and a well shot movie.