Ekraft is a leading interactive entertainment internet company. We design casual games and apps which are easy and challenging. Allowing people to enjoy for a moment, then move on with their daily activities. We make our games and apps available for free, while players can purchase virtual items priced relative to the entertainment value. We embed features in our games that enhance the player experience. We believe all of these elements have made our games and apps a great part of our users daily life. We have more than 100000 monthly active users and crossed more than 0.5 million downloads across platforms. Ekraft has more than 15 Apps on all major App Stores targeting International as well as Asian Audience.

Etalkies is platform for Movie Reviews build and owned by Ekraft. Users can review and rate their favourite Bollywood film as well watch and rate Indie Films hosted on the etalkies platform by Independent film makers.

Etalkies is a platform where you can see the user ratings of films and the film makers gets feedback for his Work